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Offences are a crime committed against a person, or property or honor and it requires a mandatory punishment equal to the harm caused to the affected person ,either fine or compensation and even execution .

The heirs


The heirs are 9 types of male relatives and 6 types of female relatives receiving different shares of heritage according to the status of the deceased and his relationship with the heirs as discussed in the article.

What prevents inheritance


There are 3 cases in which the inheritance is prevented, murder a killer can't inherit their victim, Having a different belief, or being a slave.Inheritance is a critical issue in Islam that is described clearly.



Inheritance is distributed among the heirs that should -according to the Islamic rules- fulfill one of the following characters, marriage or blood relation or Wala’: which is a contract between two persons. 

Wills and Inheritance


A will is an amount of inheritance to be distributed according to a sane testator desire and preferred not to exceed one third of the sum and to exclude the heirs, and to be distributed after paying all debts.



Borrowing is using a non-consumable item that doesn't belong to oneself and returning it intact after an agreed amount of time by the owner. Only the owner can lend his things and to be used in a lawful purpose

Conditions for hire


Hiring is required to fulfill seven conditions, hiring a sane adult capable employee within a specific period. The benefits should be specific, and the work itself should be lawful and managed by the hirer.



Hiring process in Islam is a process of assigning somebody to do specific tasks for a specific period of time. It is a method described in Quraan and Sunnah and it's mandatory to pay the employees their wages on time.

Partnership: definition and rulings


Partnership is joining two properties together and having joint rights. Upon being partners in a property, the rights including will, inheritance or gift are shared and supposed to be documented by a contract.



Surety is an item given to the borrower as a security in case of not repaying the debt; The surety should be definite in type and description and can be used or sold. Surety is legitimate and regulated by six rules.

Validity of the pledge of security


The validity of pledge of security is a set of laws regulating the international relationships between countries before, but they need to be revised by Muslim scholars to fit with the modern laws nowadays.

Islamic Calendar


Islamic Hijri Calendar is a Smartphone Application which provides Muslims all over the world with accurate Hijri Calendar besides the Gregorian. It also comes up with greatly useful information regarding important Events happening throughout the Islamic Year such as Ramadan, Hajj and Eid Festivals etc.

Hadith Collection


Hadith Collection for Android is an ultimate collection of Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). The app contains Arabic mattan and translations in different languages of most accepted and authentic Hadith books including Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Sunan Abu Dawud and Malik's Muwatta.

Islam 360


World First Quran Searchable Application. Now you can read and search Holy Quran on your mobile

Zakir Naik Muslim Central Audio App


Zakir Naik Islamic Audio App is integrated with, as Audio Lectures are uploaded to the website it will automatically become available via the App. Features: * Play/Pause online stream * Background playback support * Download podcasts onto device * Offline playing of podcasts * Offline podcasts browsing support * Bookmark favorite podcasts * Share & Rate button

Quran English Translation


The Holy Quran in Arabic with 40 translated languages and 8 different reciters .Complete Android Quran with full audio.

OnePath Network


ONEPATH Network is the Australian Muslim Community’s first production studio and TV Channel. Based in Sydney Australia, it is a 21st century Dawah initiative, providing authentic Islamic knowledge using a professional and contemporary approach.

Points on the Five Pillars


A lecture delivered at Al Falaah Centre in Bridgetown Barbados as part of the “Inspire” Tour of the Caribbean on issues surrounding the five pillars of Islam.

Loans: definition and supporting evidence


Loans are permissible in Islam only if they are to be returned later in the same amount. It is lawful and strongly encouraged through numerous verses and hadiths as a way to help others and easing their problems. 

Two: Riba al-Nasi’ah (i.e. increase for a delay)


Riba is a word used to describe adding extra amount upon returning borrowed money or things in order to delay it. It is one of two types according to the method followed but in both cases it is strictly forbidden.