Conditions making wiping over the khuffs invalid

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Wiping over khuff during ablution is a form of Islam easiness when it is hard to remove it or its likes. But some conditions make it invalid like; time limit and feet exposure. More cases are clarified in this article.

Conditions making wiping over the khuffs invalid

The concession to wipe over the khuffs for ablution is rendered invalid in the following cases:

1-When taking a bath becomes obligatory.

 :Safwan ibn 'Assal reported

‘Allah’s messenger ordered us not to remove our khuffs for three days and nights, except when one finds himself in the state of ceremonial impurity.’

Related by Ahmad, hadith No. 18,091; al-Nassa’i, hadith No. 127; al-Tirmidhi, hadith  No. 96.

2-If any part of the feet is exposed.

3-Taking the khuffs off; and taking one of them off is like taking them both off, according to most scholars.

4-The lapse of the time limit. This is a time-related concession, therefore, it cannot be extended over its alloted time.

5. Taking the khuffs of doesn’t invalidate the wudhu but one can’t wipe over the khuffs again if he puts them on unless he performs a new wudhu with washing the feet.

Starting time

khuffs starts at the time when one’s ablution has been invalidated after one had worn them. For example, if one performs the ablution for Fajr (i.e. dawn) prayer and wears the khuffs, then his ablution is invalidated after sunrise, and he does not perform another ablution until he performs the ablution for Thuhur (i.e. noon) prayer, his period of the concession starts at Thuhur time. Some scholars are of the view that it starts at the time he performs the ablution for Thuhur prayer, i.e. from the time of his first wiping.[1]


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