Instead of removing your socks or khuffs during each ablution, one can wipe over it. But there are some conditions and rules to be followed so the wiping is valid. This article discusses these conditions in details.

Conditions for wiping over the khuffs

1-One must have a valid ablution at the time when one wears the khuffs , or socks.

:Al-Mughirah reports

‘I was accompanying the Prophet (peace be upon him) on travel, and I went down to help him take off his khuffs, but he said to me: “Leave them on, as I wore them .(while in the state of purification and wudhu). He wiped over them.’

Related by al-Bukhari, hadith  No. 206; Muslim, hadith No. 274

2. Covering all the feet. The khuffs must cover all the part of one’s legs that must be washed for ablution, i.e. all the feet up to the ankles. If any part is uncovered, wiping over them is invalid. Ibn Taymiyyah differs with such a ruling and makes it clear in his Fatawa that this condition has no firm basis.

3-They should be permissible to wear. It is not permissible to wipe over the khuffs or socks if they are taken from their owner by force, or stolen, or made of silk because wearing silk is forbidden for men.

4-They should be pure, as it is not allowed to wipe over khuffs made of something impure, such as the hide of donkey.

5-Using the concession within the time allowed. Wiping over the khuffs is valid for one day and night for one who is in his own home town, and for three consecutive days and nights for one on travel.