Things forbidden during menstruation

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Women in menstruation are forbidden from having penetrative sexual intercourse, prayers, fasting, holding Qur'an, performing Tawaf, reciting Qur'an, staying in a mosque, and getting divorced.

Things forbidden during menstruation

Certain things become forbidden when a woman is in menstruation:

1-Penetrative sexual intercourse:

:Allah says

‘They ask you about menstruation. Say: “It is an unclean condition; so keep aloof from women during menstruation, and do not draw near to them until they are cleansed.’


When this verse was revealed, the Prophet (peace be upon him) advised that foreplay is permissible.

:He said

‘You may do everything except intercourse.’

Related by Muslim, hadith No. 302

2-Divorce: A man may not divorce his wife when she is in the period.

:Allah says

‘O Prophet (peace be upon him), when you [Muslims] divorce women, divorce them for [the commencement of] their waiting period, and keep count of period.’


 When 'Umar reported to the Prophet (peace be upon him) that his son 'Abdullah divorced his wife and she was in the period,

:the Prophet(peace be upon him) told him that

‘Abdullah must re-instate the marriage.’

Related by al-Bukhari, hadith No. 521; Muslim, hadith No. 1,471

3-Prayer: A woman does not offer prayers during her period.

:The Prophet (peace be upon him) said to Fatimah bint Abi Hubaysh

‘When you start your period, do not pray.’

Related by al-Bukhari, hadith No. 331; Muslim, hadith No. 333

4-Fasting: A woman does not fast during her period.

:In a conversation with women the Prophet (peace be upon him) asked

‘Is it not the case that when a woman is in her period she neither prays nor fasts?’ They answered: Yes.’

Related by al-Bukhari, hadith No. 304

5-Performing the tawaf at the Ka'bah: When 'A’ishah started her period shortly before reaching Makkah for her pilgrimage,

:the Prophet (peace be upon him) said to her

‘You may do all the rituals required of pilgrims, except for tawaf, which you may not do until you have cleansed yourself.’

Related by al-Bukhari, hadith No. 305; Muslim, hadith Nos. 1,211 and 119

6-Reciting the Qur’an: This is the view of most scholars among the Prophet’s  (peace be upon him) Companions and the following generations. However, if a woman needs to recite the Qur’an, as in the case of fearing to forget what she had memorized, or if she is a teacher and needs to teach the Qur’an to her class, or to read her regular portion, she may do so. But if she has no such need, then it is better not to recite the Qur’an, as some scholars maintain.

7-Holding the Qur’an:

:As Allah says in reference to the Qur’an

‘only the purified can touch.’


8-Staying in a mosque:

:The Prophet (peace be upon him) said

‘I do not permit staying in the mosque for a man in the state of ceremonial impurity, (i.e. janabah), or a woman in her period.’

Related by Abu Dawud, hadith No. 232; al-Bayhaqi in Al-Sunan al-Kubra, hadith No. 4,323

 ‘When the Prophet (peace be upon him) stayed in the mosque during Ramadan, he used to let his wife A’ishah comb his head, but she remained in her home as she was in the period.’

Related by al-Bukhari, hadith No. 296

It is also not permissible for a woman in the period to pass through the mosque if she fears to stain it.  


  1.  The plural form is used here indicating that the address is to the Muslim community as a whole.



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