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The Dowry Paid by the Wife

This is a very bad tradition and an abominable deviation. It is contrary to the divine book, the Prophet’s tradition and the unanimous view of scholars. It is obligatory in Islam that the husband should pay his wife a dowry, or mahr. For various reasons, including men’s unwillingness to tie themselves to a marital relationship, women in Western countries may resort to this practice. The Islamic Fiqh Council of the Muslim World League and Majallat al-Buhuth al-Islamiyyah, (i.e. Journal of Islamic Research), have both discussed this issue.

When custody is over

When the term of custody is over, if the child’s father and custodian agree to the child staying with either of them, their agreement is endorsed. If they do not come to an agreement, then the child is given the choice.

Child Custody

Definition: Child custody means, according to Islamic law, taking care of a child when it cannot look after itself, and to bring the child up, looking after it physically and mentally, protecting it against anything that could cause it harm.

Khula' (Dissolution of the marriage at the wife’s request)

Khula' refers in Islamic law to the dissolution of the marriage in specific words and in return for compensation paid by the wife to her husband.Allah says: ‘If you have cause to fear that they would not be able to keep within the bounds set by Allah, it shall be no offence for either of them if she gives up whatever she may in order to free herself’ (2: 229).

The husband’s rights

Wives should always keep their husband’s secrets, revealing them to no one. Allah says: ‘The righteous women are devout, guarding the intimacy which Allah has ordained to be guarded’ (4: 34).

Wife's Rights

The dowry: This is due to her by right. Being looked after: Which includes her food, clothes and home. All these must be provided by every husband to his wife.

The Dowry

The Dowry refers to the money the groom must pay to his bridegroom in connection with the marriage contract. Ruling: The husband must pay the dowry to his wife once the contract has been made, and it cannot be written off. This is clear from the Qur’an, as Allah says: ‘Give women their dower as a free gift’ (4: 4).

The marriage proposal

When a proposal is accepted, even implicitly, no other man may make a proposal of marriage to the same woman if he is aware of the first proposal. It is forbidden to make a direct expression of one’s desire to a widowed woman while she is in her waiting period.