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Types of Pledge

Pledges may be valid or invalid; permissible or forbidden; binding or worthless. A pledge is valid and binding if it involves something good, such as a voluntary act of worship, with the pledging person hoping to earn Allah’s pleasure.

Atonement for oaths

Allah, in His mercy, has made clear a way to go back on one’s oath and release oneself from its import. Allah says: ‘Allah has already ordained for you [believers] a way to release you from such oaths’ (66: 2).

Types of Oaths

Idle oath: This is when a person says the words of an oath without intending his statement as an oath. He may say, for example, ‘Yes, by Allah’, or ‘No, by Allah’.


An oath is made to confirm something by Allah’s name or one of His attributes. Oaths may be classified into three categories with respect to their validity and commitment.