Types of ta’zir punishments are varied, they can be physical, financial, combination of both physical and financial, imprisonment and exile or moral punishments such as public rebuke.

Types of ta'zir punishment

Ta'zir punishments may be classified as follows:

1- Physical punishments, such as flogging and death.

2- Punishments related to property, such as fines or breaking or destroying tools that are necessary for doing what is forbidden, such as wine bottles, gambling games, etc.

3- A combination of physical and financial punishment, such as the case of punishing someone who steals from a place other than a secure one by lashes and a double fine. The Prophet (peace be upon him) ruled that a thief who steals the hanging dates before they are placed in the store incurs a punishment of flogging and a double fine. A thief who steals from the store is punishable by cutting his hand.

4- Punishments of imprisonment and exile.

5- Moral punishments, such as public rebuke.