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Punishment are of two types. The first is to neglect or omit duties when one is able to fulfil them, such as the repayment of debts, delivering things held in trust to their rightful owners, safeguarding the property of orphans and delivering these when the orphans come of age. Any of these may be punished by Ta'zir  until the person concerned does his duty.

Punishment for false accusation

Allah has determined that the punishment for anyone who accuses a Muslim of adultery, without providing the necessary proof, is 80 lashes. Furthermore, the accuser is considered a fasiq, i.e. ‘transgressor’ and he is totally disqualified as a witness in any case whatsoever. This shows how grave this sin is…


Zina stands for both fornication and adultery; it refers to sexual intercourse between man and woman when there is no legitimate marital relationship, real or imagined, between them.

Mandatory Punishments (Hudud)

The Arabic term hadd (plural: hudud) is defined as a punishment stated in Islamic law for encroaching on the limits set by Allah. The hudud aim to deter people from committing acts of disobedience of Allah. Thus, they help to spread security and reassurance in the community.