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The dowry


Dowry is an amount of money that the groom should pay to his to be wife at the time of marriage contract. It is mandatory by Quran and Sunnah and it becomes wife’s property.  It is enjoined by God to honor brides. 

Marriage and Divorce


Nikah or marriage is encouraged in Islam, it is endorsed in the Qur’an, the Sunnah and the unanimity of scholars because it protects fabric of the family and the Islamic social structure.

The husband’s rights


Wives should always keep their husband’s secrets, revealing them to no one. Allah says: ‘The righteous women are devout, guarding the intimacy which Allah has ordained to be guarded’ (4: 34).

Wife's Rights


The dowry: This is due to her by right. Being looked after: Which includes her food, clothes and home. All these must be provided by every husband to his wife.

The Dowry


The Dowry refers to the money the groom must pay to his bridegroom in connection with the marriage contract. Ruling: The husband must pay the dowry to his wife once the contract has been made, and it cannot be written off. This is clear from the Qur’an, as Allah says: ‘Give women their dower as a free gift’ (4: 4).

Essentials for marriage


The two parties, i.e. the prospective husband and wife, who should be free of any reason that precludes the marriage.

The marriage proposal


When a proposal is accepted, even implicitly, no other man may make a proposal of marriage to the same woman if he is aware of the first proposal. It is forbidden to make a direct expression of one’s desire to a widowed woman while she is in her waiting period.



It means a contract that permits a sexual pleasurable relationship between man and wife in the legitimate way.

​​Will it affect the marriage if husband calls his wife 'Sister' or 'Mother'​ and vice versa?


Will it affect the marriage if husband calls his wife 'Sister' or 'Mother' and vice versa?

My Wife Suddenly stop praying


My Wife Suddenly stop praying.

Second Wife


Second Wife.

The children of a revert Muslim


The children of a revert Muslim.

Using contraception


Using contraception.

The Ideal Muslim Husband


The Ideal Muslim Husband.

Ruling on marriage When her mother opposes for her marriage


Ruling on marriage When her mother opposes for her marriage.

Relationship between husband and wife


Relationship between husband and wife.

What Defines Obedience To The Husband?


What defines the obedience of a wife to her husband? What does Islam say about obedience? What are the conditions and rulings surrounding this? 

Getting To Know Potential Spouse Without Disobeying Allah


In Islam we are encouraged to meet a potential spouse in the presence of a Mahram and get to know them. Many ahadith encourage looking at and physically meeting a potential spouse.

The Rights of the Husband over the Wife


The Rights of the Husband over the Wife from the Quran and Sunnah:

The Rights of Wives


The Basic Rights of Wives in Islam according to the Quran and Sunnah: