Types of sacrifice

1- Offering a sacrifice by slaughtering a sheep is obligatory for people offering the pilgrimage in the tamattu' or qiran methods. This is a sacrifice offered in gratitude to Allah for enabling the pilgrim to offer both the pilgrimage and the 'umrah in the same season.

2- Sacrifice in compensation: This is the sacrifice that is compulsory when a pilgrim omits doing a duty or commits a violation of the restrictions of consecration, or in the case of a pilgrim who starts the journey and enters into consecration but cannot reach Makkah to perform the pilgrimage.

3- Voluntary sacrifice: This is recommended to all pilgrims and all those doing the 'umrah, in order to follow the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) example.

4- Pledged sacrifice: This refers to the sacrifice a pilgrim may pledge to be slaughtered in the Haram area, to earn Allah’s reward. Such a pledge must be honoured.