1-Taking a bath, wearing perfume (for men only) and putting on two white ihram garments. 2-Clipping one’s nails, removing pubic and armpit hair and trimming one’s moustache. 3-Performing the tawaf of arrival for those doing the pilgrimage in the ifrad or qiran methods. 4-Jogging in the first three rounds of the tawaf of arrival. 5-Baring one’s right shoulder when doing the tawaf of arrival. 6-Staying at Mina the night that proceeds the day of Arafat. 7- Repeating the phrases of talbiyah from the time of entering into the state of consecration (Ihram) until one has done the stoning at the Grand Jamrah, on the Day of Eid, i.e. 10th of the month. 8-Offering the Maghrib and 'Isha’ prayers together at Muzdalifah.9-Stopping close to al-Mash'ar al-Haram at Muzdalifah from Fajr until sunrise, shortly before sunrise, if possible. If not, at any place at Muzdalifah.