In non-Muslim countries a Muslim can work as a cap driver and take any passengers carrying forbidden things unless the passenger declares that he is transporting unlawful stuff or will commit a forbidden act. 

Working as a Taxi Driver

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The Issue

A Muslim living in a non-Muslim country may be working as a taxi driver. What is the situation where some passengers may carry or have on them something forbidden?


It is permissible to work as a cab or taxi driver when a passenger is carrying or has some forbidden things about his person unless the passenger declares that he intends to commit an act that is forbidden. If the passenger mentions at the start that the driver will be requested to transport something forbidden, it is not permissible to accept him or the items. This is the ruling outlined in Decision 12-5 of the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America. The Assembly outlined in its decision a number of manners and values it urged those who work in this field to observe.


This type of work normally provides transport for passengers, which is a legitimate type of work, unless the passenger declares a forbidden purpose. What the passenger may carry or have about himself is overlooked, because the contract is not to transport such items in the first place. However, if the contract is initiated to transport what is forbidden then it is unlawful to accept such items.


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