Islam prohibits Muslims from renting a property to someone who will use it for forbidden activities like selling wine or carrying out usurious transactions. This also comes under the heading of furthering evil.

Letting Property to People Who Commit What is Forbidden

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The Issue

A Muslim who owns property such as a house or a shop may let it to a tenant who carries out some forbidden activities, such as letting his property to a usurious bank or to someone who will sell wine, pork, etc.


It is not permissible to rent property to a tenant who carries out forbidden activities, such as selling wines, drugs or pornography, or to someone who carries out usurious transactions. This ruling is stated by Shaikh Abdullah ibn Jibreen.[1]


This comes under the heading of furthering evil and aggression, which God has forbidden.

He says:

‘Help one another in furthering righteousness and piety and do not help one another in furthering evil and aggression. Have fear of God, for God is severe in retribution.’

(5: 2)


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