It is forbidden to work or to invest in a shop selling prohibited things like lottery tickets. If something is forbidden then its price is forbidden and it is prohibited to sell it as this helps people to commit sins. 

Selling Forbidden Articles at Petrol Stations

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The Issue

A Muslim living in a non-Muslim country may have a job in the shop that is part of a petrol station which sells forbidden articles such as cigarettes, lottery tickets, etc.


It is not permissible for a Muslim who invests or works in the shops that are part of petrol stations, or anywhere else, to sell the lottery tickets or other forbidden articles that are normally sold in such places.

This ruling is stated in Decision 13-5 of the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America adopted at its fifth convention held in Manama, Bahrain in 1428 AH, 2007. It is also the fatwa given by the late Shaikh Mustafa al-Zarqa.[1]


When God prohibits something, He also prohibits its price, and so whatever is forbidden is also forbidden to sell. Moreover, selling what is forbidden helps others to commit a sin,

as God says:

‘Help one another in furthering righteousness and piety and do not help one another in furthering evil and aggression. Have fear of God, for God is severe in retribution.’

(5: 2)


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