This is the crime of killing. Allah says: ‘Do not take any human being’s life – which Allah has made sacred – except in the course of justice’

(6: 151)

Deliberate killing, or murder

This refers to a case when the killer intends to unlawfully kill another human being, using means that will most probably lead to that person’s death.

Three conditions must apply to make the killing a murder:

1) The killer’s intention is to kill his victim;

2) Knowledge that the person he intends to kill is a human being who enjoys the right to life; and

3) The means used is something that normally leads to killing, whether it has a sharp blade or not.

Ruling: Murder has two rulings, the first of which relates to the hereafter, the other relating to this life.

Allah says: ‘He who deliberately kills a believer, his punishment is hell, therein to abide permanently. Allah will be angry with him, and will reject him, and will prepare for him a dreadful suffering’