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Acceptable witnesses; Conditions


·  Islam: The testimony of an unbeliever is unacceptable,· Adulthood and sanity·  Speech: The testimony of a dumb person who cannot speak is unacceptable.· Accuracy and good memory,· Probity.· The testimony of a f siq, or transgressor, is unacceptable,



To bear witness that pertains to the rights of human beings is a collective duty. If anyone is needed to bear testimony in order to clarify the rights of the parties in a particular dispute, then it is the duty of that person to give testimony. Allah says: ‘Witnesses must not refuse when they are called in’ (2: 282). To Give testimony is a duty: Allah says: ‘You shall not withhold testimony, for he that withholds testimony is sinful at heart’ (2: 283).

Learn Fiqh with Al-Hakeem | Testimonies and witnesses


In this Lecture, Sh. Assim Al-Hakeem discusses and explains the Testimonies and witnesses. This course will cover all the practical rules that every Muslim, man or woman, should know, citing their bases in the Qur’an and the Sunnah.

Rulings pertaining to the testimony


Islam has established rulings pertaining to testimony to insure achieving justice and eliminate the possibility of favoritism or oppression. Islam considers perjury as a cardinal sin. The article discusses this in detail.

Acceptable witnesses


There are certain conditions required in a witness: Islam, adulthood and sanity, speech, accuracy and good memory, probity. Testimony of people of earlier divine religions is acceptable in certain cases.

Testimonies and witnesses


Giving testimony pertaining to the rights of human beings is a collective duty, witnesses must not refuse when they are called in. it is an obligation if one is summoned to testify which confirms Islam's protection of rights.