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Medicines Containing Alcohol


It is permissible to use medicines with an alcohol ingredient if the alcohol is transformed and has no effect on the mind. If the medicine contains a large percentage of alcohol, or a small percentage that remains potent, then it may not be used except in the case of need, when there is no permissible alternative and it is prescribed by a qualified doctor of integrity. In this latter case, a Muslim may take such a medicine within the limits of what is essential.

Sitting at Table Where Wine is Served


The first view is expressed by the late Shaikh Abd al-Azeez ibn Baz. He said that it is not permissible for a Muslim to sit with people drinking wines unless he makes clear his disapproval. If they do not accept, he should leave them.The second view is expressed by some contemporary scholars who make clear that the normal ruling is that it is forbidden to sit with someone drinking intoxicants. However, if a Muslim fears some adverse reaction should he refuse to attend a function or decline an invitation, he may attend. This also applies when a Muslim hopes that by accepting his neighbour’s invitation, he may be able to advise him and to tell him about Islam.

Drinking any type of intoxicant


Drinking any type of intoxicant is forbidden, whether it is in small or large quantities. Indeed drinking is a major sin which is forbidden in the Qur’an and the Sunnah, as well as by the unanimity of scholars.