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Compensation is an obligation on pilgrim if he violates any of pilgrimage restrictions. Compensation is due whether the violation was for a valid on invalid reason. It may be a sacrifice, donation or fasting.


When a person commits an offence and cuts one’s hair, clips one’s nails, wears tailored clothes or perfume, covers one’s head, ejaculates as a result of gazing at women, or indulges in foreplay without ejaculation, a compensation is due which may be any of three things: 1) fasting three days; 2) feeding six poor people; or 3) sacrificing a sheep. When the Prophet (peace be upon him) saw Ka'b ibn 'Ajrah, who was troubled by lice in his head, he told him:

‘Shave your head and fast three days, or feed six poor people, or sacrifice a sheep’

Related by al-Bukhari, hadith No. 1,815; Muslim, hadith No. 1,201.

The same compensation is extended to the other offences by analogy.

For hunting or killing game: The person who killed it is given a choice; either to sacrifice a similar animal or to estimate the price of the animal and buy with it food. The food may be given to the poor in compensation for being unable to do an obligatory fast, giving everyone the equivalent of the fill of a man’s cupped hands of wheat, or twice that of other food such as dates or barley. Alternatively, he may fast a day in place of feeding every poor person.

:Allah says

‘O you who have believed, do not kill game while you are in the state of ihram. And whoever of you kills it intentionally – the penalty is an equivalent from sacrificial animals to what he killed, as judged by two just men among you as an offering [to Allah ] delivered to the Ka'bah, or feeding of needy people or the equivalent of that in fasting, that he may taste consequence of his deed. Allah has pardoned what is past; but whoever returns [to violation], then Allah will take retribution from him. And Allah is Exalted in Might and Owner of Retribution.’


Sexual intercourse during the pilgrimage before the first release from consecration renders the pilgrimage invalid, Further compensation is required including repentance of his sin, sacrificing a camel and making up for the pilgrimage the following year. If this is done after the first release from consecration it does not invalidate the pilgrimage, but it requires sacrificing a sheep in compensation. Likewise, deliberate ejaculation by masturbation, foreplay, kissing or persistent gazing at women requires the sacrifice of a sheep in compensation but does not invalidate the pilgrimage.

For making a marriage contract, no compensation is required but the contract is null and void.   



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