It is permissible for Muslims to work in Information Technology or database if the work done is not for a special activity which is forbidden even if the work is used for some legitimate and illegitimate purposes.

Working in Information Technology

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The Issue

A Muslim living in a non-Muslim country may have a job in information technology (IT) or working with databases, but the service he provides may be used in some forbidden activities.


There is no harm in working in IT or with databases if its purpose is originally legitimate. The service may be used when needed, even if it is for some purposes that are legitimate and others that are illegitimate, provided that it is made available to all, that the work is not being used specifically for doing what is forbidden and it does not cause harm to others. This view is endorsed by the European Council for Fatwa and Research (Decision 4-18) and the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America (Decision 2-5).


It is permissible to work in IT, even if the work is used for some legitimate purposes and others not so, because the contract of employment does not specify a particular purpose. The basic point to consider is that working in IT itself is essentially lawful, particularly if the work being done is for everyone and not for a special area or activity which is forbidden. Thus the remote possibility of it being used for unlawful purposes is discounted and the permissibility of the work itself remains intact.


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