No prayer would be accepted if one’s ablution has been invalidated. But there are some cases and situations that are mistakenly thought to break the ablution like vomiting and other situations mentioned below.

What does not invalidate ablution

Certain situations are wrongly thought to invalidate the ablution. These are: 

1. Touching a person of the other sex skin to skin. 

2. Bleeding from any part of the body other than that which comes from the private parts, whether through injury, medical treatment or nasal bleeding, regardless of the amount.

 3. Vomit, regardless of its amount. 

4. Doubting whether one’s ablution has been invalidated. The invalidation must be ascertained. 

5. Loud laughter during the prayer. (this invalidates the prayer but not the wudhu).

6. Washing a dead person to prepare him for burial.