Paying for goods using credit card instead of people carrying cash is perfectly permissible in Islam as long as this transaction is lawful. Nothing can be cited to prohibit buying and selling with credit cards. 

Selling to Customers Using Credit Cards

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The Issue

What is the position of a Muslim who accepts payment for the goods he sells through credit cards issued by banks? Nowadays such cards are frequently used to pay for goods or services instead of people carrying cash.


Decision 13-5 of the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America makes clear that it is perfectly permissible to receive the price of the goods one sells through payment by credit card.


Since the money is received in a permissible way, nothing can be cited to justify prohibiting this method of payment since the normal situation is that such transactions are lawful.


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  • Bitaqat al-I’timan wa Tatbiqatuha al-Masrifiyyah.