Muslims can help non-Muslim soldiers providing that this will bring more benefits to Muslims. Whoever pursue piety is helped. But it is absolutely forbidden if they are helping them to fight against Islam. 

Helping non-Muslim Soldiers

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The Issue

What is the ruling concerning actions that involve helping non-Muslim soldiers in their war? Such a war may be against non-Muslims or it may involve fighting Muslims, occupying their countries or besieging them.


If the help given to non-Muslim soldiers is to further goodness and piety and may bring some benefit to Muslims, then it is permissible. However, if such help aids them in injustice and aggression then it is forbidden, as is the case of fighting with them against Muslims.

This is the ruling given by the Permanent Committee for Fatwa at the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America and published on the Assembly’s website at


The Qur’anic verse that says:

‘Help one another in furthering righteousness and piety and do not help one another in furthering evil and aggression.’

(5: 2)

Therefore, whoever tries to promote righteousness and piety may be helped and whoever pursues evil and aggression may not be helped.

For example, the Muslims who immigrated to Abyssinia in the early days of Islam helped Negus and fought alongside him against those who rebelled against him.


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