What prevents inheritance

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There are 3 cases in which the inheritance is prevented, murder a killer can't inherit their victim, Having a different belief, or being a slave.Inheritance is a critical issue in Islam that is described clearly.

What prevents inheritance

Three reasons prevent inheritance:

1- Murder: All scholars agree that a deliberate murder is a cause that precludes inheritance. The murderer cannot inherit from his victim.

:The Prophet (peace be upon him) says

‘A murderer takes nothing of the estate.’

Related by al-Daraqutni, hadith No. 4,573; al-Bayhaqi in Al-Sunan al-Kubra, vol. 6, p. 220

2- Slavery: During the time when slavery was a recognized system, slaves could not inherit. 

3- If the heir and his deceased relative belonged to different faiths.

:The Prophet (peace be upon him) says

‘A Muslim does not inherit from an unbeliever, nor does an unbeliever inherit from a Muslim’

Related by Muslim, hadith No. 1,614

It should be absolutely clear that no one may, under any circumstances, deprive an heir of his or her share of inheritance, nor is it up to anyone to give any heir more than the share to which that heir is entitled under the Islamic system of inheritance.


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