Captives of war

source :Osoul Global Center


Muslims must treat soldiers taken as prisoners of war with kindness. After that they may get their freedom, pay ransom or to be exchanged with other prisoners. Those who committed crimes against Islam are killed. 

Captives of war

When Muslims take enemy officers and soldiers as prisoners of war, they must treat these captives well. In the Battle of Badr, the first major battle in the history of Islam, the Muslims took a large number of unbelievers as prisoners. The Prophet  (peace be upon him) gave orders that these captives should be treated well. His Companions gave them preference over their own families in food and drink, showing them every kindness. This order applies at all times to Muslims and their prisoners of war. Allah describes His good servants in these terms:

 ‘They give food – though they need it themselves – to the needy, the orphan and the captive’


 After that, the Muslims may either grant them their freedom as an act of grace, or against ransom, or arrange a prisoner exchange.

:Allah says

‘Now when you meet the unbelievers in battle, smite their necks. Then when you have thoroughly subdued them, bind them firmly. Thereafter, set them free either by an act of grace or against ransom, until war shall lay down its burden ’




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